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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Avoiding My Bliss

Wrote last night. I didn't want to. I was kind of afraid of the task. It's a recurring fear. I spend half my time running from writing and the other half fulfilled and made happy by it. It's an odd endeavor, making something out of nothing, that must then feel true and real to people (most of whom I will never know). So I told myself, "It's 8 now. I'll write badly for an hour and call John back at 9." I wound up finishing my scene between Gilbert and Julian, and I really like it. So many scenes ahead of me. Many of them are written and need revisions. Some aren't written yet. I thought of a great scene between Eugenie and Gilbert that will explain his actions in later scenes.

The John I refer to is my friend, John Urbancik, a very prolific writer whose novel Once Upon a Time in Midnight was recently available as part of a 3-novel set in Thunderstorm Books' Maelstorm series ( Thunderstorm sells limited edition, hardback copies that are signed by the author, for about $45 to $60. The Maelstorm series is a set of three novels for $125 in a limited run of 300 sets. It strikes me as an odd business model to have in a wrecked economy where good e-books go for 99 cents to $2.99.  Thunderstorm authors are not household names but have a cult following of readers who are insatiable for the latest horror written specifically by these authors. The set that includes John's novel just sold out. I mean, think about that. Three hundred people thought it was desirable or at least reasonable to pay $125 for three books. I've been trying to figure this out and the conclusion I've drawn is that it's a matter of projected legend. If you could go back to Lovecraft's day and buy a fresh print of his stories, signed by him, because you knew he would one day be a legend ...You'd do it, right? If you are not one of these three hundred people and you are bummed at missing out, you can read excerpts on John's site: He's so talented. And nice. And we are still playing phone tag.

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