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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Paths and Unfamiliar Alleys

The blog Taleist had features yesterday that I found very useful. One was a podcast interview with Brian Lawrenson, a travel writer who self-publishes to e-readers. He talked about some of the perils he'd learned to avoid in Amazon's pricing structure, talked about the benefits in publishing to other e-readers through Smashwords, and told his figures for the last month from non-Kindle sales. It's nice to get a real sales figure because the Internet-wide cry, "There's gold in them thar hills!" can sometimes seem urban-legendish, rather than real. I want to say, "Yeah, but how much gold? How many nuggets?" Also, Taleist offered a 20+ page white paper called "Author Platform Health Check" for free (well, for the price of a tweet). You click to tweat about the paper and are then given the download link for it. I thumbed through the printout this morning and saw good advice. Taleist is at or scroll down and look left because the link to this particular post is currently available there.

I wrote last night for about two hours, getting more into the plan between Gilbert and Julian. Anika had an idea for the plan. What bothers me is that having characters hatch a plan for you is like committing to someone else's plan. Now readers expect them to do these things and I hadn't planned on writing any of that. It's like snapping a leash on a dog and finding yourself walked instead, pulled down unfamiliar alleys.

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