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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Changing Gears and Hairpin Turns

I designed the art and cover several years ago for this chapbook of 4 stories I wrote. I have written more and will self-publish an anthology titled Night at the Demontorium with all 10 stories. First I'll publish the short stories as Kindle Singles. I'd planned to do this after I published Bloodroom. But the editor told me she could have Bloodroom proofed by mid-June. That rocked me back on my heels. Is she that booked? Why so long? I could find another editor, but Linda is highly recommended by my uber-consultant friend who tolerates only the highest standards. Plus the price is right. Plus, I know Linda, so.... There's a lot of other things I could do in a month. I could flip some of my goals to the front, one of them being Demontorium. It's an abrupt change, but I think I can be flexible. I'll sleep on it another night before emailing the editor with the green or red light.

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