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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I wrote in the morning, then came back and wrote in the evening the scene with Anika confronting a plat-eye. There are 3 things happening at once, really 3 scenes happening at once twisting around each other. Two scenes happening simultaneously in the same house and a newspaper article being discussed in one of the scenes. I found it necessary to write each as separate scenes in order to make each plausible and meaningful to the plot. So I wrote the article in its entirety, the scene with Julian and the men entirely, and the Anika/Eugenie/plat-eye scene entirely. Now I must intertwine the scenes. I probably need to polish the Julian and Anika scenes first. I have an iffy feeling abiout Julian's scene - something tells me it's unfinished. And the Anika scene I dashed off energetically till 9:30 when I decided to knock off and watch a DVD.

The DVD is The Conversation, a Coppola movie about a surveillance expert who begins to suspect his client intends to kill the people he's been hired to spy on. I think this must be a very underrated Coppola film because I never heard of it and it's really, really good. Gene Hackman plays the surveillance expert and the script is written in such a way that the movie has personal depth. Gene Hackman's character is lonely and paranoid. His career has cut him off from true connection, and he's beginning to understand the extent of the cost even as he begins to understand the lethal nature of his assignment.

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