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Monday, May 9, 2011

More Questions than Answers

This weekend, I wrote the scene between Julian and Malinde in the hawthorn bushes. I refined the Anika-Marcus-Risa scene in the marketplace. I started the scene between Anika and Julian. But I realized this is actually a big turning point in the book. By encountering Malinde, Julian came face to face with the supernatural, which is the opposite to everything he thinks, believes, etc. In the last book (The Bad Death), his mother told Anika, "Julian must never know." Meaning that they must protect Julian because he's a man of science and reason and facing the supernatural would be the undoing of his mental state. So unless a) Julian is in denial or b) Malinde scrambled his perception post-bite as vampires do (and my thought is that Malinde is doing nothing with awareness, foresight, or caution) -- then Julian has just attained the knowledge his mother sought to protect him from. So I have to think: what is Julian's reaction to the inconceivable? What will he try to do? Cover it up? Deny it? Confront it? Of course, he sent for Anika. He knows she knows this thing better than anyone. What will he ask her? What will he tell her? What does he want most? I dunno. I have to write this scene from his POV to find out.

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