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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lotta Things Going On

Wednesday night I wrote for 4 hours. Very unusual for me to write that long in one stretch. I intertwined the two scenes of the men and women in Mouret House. I tried to break the Anika-Eugenie-Malinde scene at cliffhanger moments. Like someone would pounce and I'd immediately cut to the men downstairs. Think it works because last night, reading in Juicy Writing, at one break Sharon cried out laughing, "you bitch!" She said about Julian crawling through the hawthorn bushes at the scenes' end, "What are you doing, Julian? Malinde's there!" I hadn't thought of that but Malinde could be there, standing on the hawthorns and the hawthorn branches taking her weight without bending, as if she stood on the bough of a tree ...

That would be the first thing wrong with the picture, in Julian's perception. He'd notice she wore a tattered maid's uniform but that, incongruously, she wore pearl earrings. He'd notice there was a gaping wound in her breast that she seemed unaware of and then she'd smile invitingly and her eyes would warm like a lover's. And he'd feel filled with love and desire for her, and then ...

Ha! Then maybe we cut to Julian in bed. His valet, Prince, has sent for Anika. Anika comes to Julian's bedside where he's recovering from a bite to his throat. Julian grills her -- what were you doing there last night? Anika will evade answering directly. Gilbert will visit and tell him two other men are "sick" in the same way (he knows this because he visited them after they didn't show up for coffee this morning). Wow -- thanks for the idea, Sharon! (a very gifted writer, artist, psychic, and creativity coach who can  be found at My mind took it and ran with it!

Maybe I'll do the marketplace scene right before that. Anika will  come to Julian's house right after seeing Marcus and Risa and she'll be so emotionally charged from that she has no feelings whatsoever for Julian's plight. Here's some garlic. Wear a cross. Whatever.

Hee hee! So there's my weekend. Writing that.


  1. That's exciting! It's tough to do cut aways and actually walk away. I always have to stay there in their world until I am done, or more rightly, until they are done with me. Some times I finish 6000 words before I am called back into this world. "MOM! When's lunch?"
    Good luck!

  2. 6,000 words at once? Wow! I'd love to fall into the rabbit hole like that :)