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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Afghanistan and Mobile Phones

This week my writing has been work-related. Stayed up till about 11 trying to write two wartime scenarios for mobile phone delivered training. They're supposed to be updates after soldiers have taken the web-based training. To immerse myself in the subject matter, I've been reading War by Sebastian Junger on my Kindle. Visited websites to learn more about the regions of Afghanistan and the conflicts and progress there. An example of the stuff I read online and a good site for ongoing info is: I have learned more about our war in the last week than I have known since 2003. I'm ashamed of my lack of interest till now. It took a work obligation to get me to look into it. Someone said, "The US is not at war. The US military is at war. The US is shopping." That has certainly been true for me.

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