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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chock Full o' Goodness

Last night I wrote The Gazette article and fit it into the scene with Gilbert and the men. I'm really pleased with the Gazette article. Maybe I'll go back in and add the reporter's description of Mrs. Beachum, because that's what a reporter would do. To give some background here, I'm writing a horror novel set in 18th century Charleston, South Carolina called The House of the Apparently Dead. To write the Gazette article about this woman who's been visited by the husband she buried the day before, I had to go back beyond that occurrence and think about how that would have been discovered publicly. Who was the first to notice the unearthed grave? The sexton, probably. What conclusions were likely drawn when a desecrated grave was discovered? Grave robbing. So what did the police do? Hell, what were police called back then? Time for a Google search. It took me a few hours before I finally felt pleased enough to stop for the night.

Claudia McKinney is amazing. She's the artist who created the cover art for my contemporary vampire novel, Bloodroom. We agreed on the final design last night. It is GORGEOUS!!! I'm so pleased. You can see her fantastic art and other book covers she's done at

My friend Jimmy Z is at the World Horror Convention in Austin this week. Jimmy's website gives you all the latest news on horror: Horror movies coming up, horror TV pilots, contracts signed by horror industry heavyweights, reviews, even horror music. Today's top post is about the upcoming availability of horror music free for download.

Because I keep on giving, here's a free archiving service Sharon's hubby Rick told me about: When you back up to your drop box, you can access it from any computer, even those with a different operating system than the one you backed up from.

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