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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Energized and Happy

I got good writing done. Wrote the scenes some more and they're more real, less patronizing. But I need to go back to the scene in the seamstresses' cottage and do some inner dialogue that explains Anika's hag and how its different from Maum's hag -- the purpose is to explain to the reader what Anika's hag did and is like. And it would be easy to do that with simple 'a normal hag does this'; Anika's hag does that' comparisons. This is the 2nd book in a trilogy, titled The House of the Apparently Dead. I already completed the 1st one, called The Bad Death.

Then -- I want to update Bloodroom, find a new cover for it and sell it as an e-book for Kindle & Nook. Bloodroom is a novel that Catalyst Press published in 2003. You can buy it on Amazon from a dealer of out of print books. But wait for it! I'll have it out there soon. Then, I'll put one or two short stories from Night at the Demontorium on Amazon as e-short stories. Demontorium is a chapbook I wrote a few years ago with 4 stories. I'm two new stories shy of having a 10-story anthology version. I was never going to pitch that to traditional publishers anyway because anthologies are a hard sell if you're obscure. Thank you, Amanda Hocking for showing me how profitable and gratifying self-publishing e-books can be. You are my new Northern star. Check out Amanda's blog ( It's like writers are waking up to the fact that NYC publishers act like a bad boyfriend who's Just Not That Into us. Why have we been sucking up? And waiting, waiting, waiting passively to be accepted.

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