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Monday, April 11, 2011

Smart Women and Great Websites

I have an idea for how Anika gets the poison. So I'll write that in soon.

Every Sunday, I go to a financial studies group that my friend Maria & I set up. My friend Tamara and a new friend, Cathie have joined us. We recently decided on a new focus: publishing because Maria's writing a nonfiction book, I write, and Tamara writes. Last night I shared the website of the person who does cover art for JA Konrath & others: I shared the site of the person who does Amanda Hocking's covers: We discussed what cover artists charge. This particularly interests Cathie, who's a great studio artist ( and Tamara, who'se a writer, artist, and cartoonist ( Tamara showed us the website for self publishing,, which it turns out, Amanda Hocking uses for her books ( We talked about how such an Amazon purchase interface looks to a customer, how a POD (print on demand) book gets from Createspace to the customer, within Amazon's structure. I told them how I thought this went, based on my experience selling my schoolbooks after every semester. We live in collard greens country, which can be inspiring but also frustrating so the talk turned to finding the right markets in places far and wide via the Internet; you can have a great career even if you live in a place that doesn't 'get' your art. I showed off my kindle. Cathie shared a great article on tuning out the naysayers in life who always have a reason why your plan is doomed to failure: Such a fabulous meeting. Such great energy!!! I am so happy I've found these smart and gifted ladies.


  1. In your genre, I imagine it may not matter as much where you live -- there will be fans down here, too, but it may be harder to assemble a critical mass of them than in a East or West Coast megalopolis. People "getting" what you do and letting you know in person -- have you found that to be an essential part of the creative process?

  2. Hey Dan,

    The coolest moment of my writing "career" was when I got a fan letter in the mail. Yeah. It said, "my wife and I loved Bloodroom. We can't wait till Demontorium comes out!" I think I'll feel the love no matter what medium delivers it. Having said that, to reach folks in person, there are conventions I go to. I signed copies of Bloodroom and did a reading at the World Horror Convention; it was pretty great.