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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindle and my mortgage

I bought myself a Kindle 3G and a pink leather case for it that has a light that swings out from it. I bought it all new. I like that it will come to me like a brand new fresh notebook. I believe it's the best purchase of all the options. It has e-ink instead of LCD so it mimics the actual printed page and won't strain my eyes (I stare at LCD screens 12 hours a day). I can adjust the font size so that'll cut down on eyestrain, too. E-books are way cheaper than print so I won't be breaking the bank buying books for it. I am really happy about it. From the writer's side, the Kindle is my market so I will come to understand this market. At the very least, I'll know what "formatted for Kindle" means. I paid $15 to have it sent by Friday.

I'm reading another e-author's blog: It's SO informative. Its a conversation between him and Barry Eisler, the author who left St. Martin's to self publish digital books. Barry Eisler's breaking down the numbers again, just as he did in his interview in The Daily Beast. His numbers say he'll make more in 5 years this new route than traditional and that's without expecting his print customers to follow him. Wow! If I make even a small fraction of his take -- 1/8, say, I could start paying off my mortgage in significant chunks every year. Good God -- I might actually make a good living at this. I never really viewed it as a realistic outcome before.

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